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We are a nationwide solar team in relationship with installation partners to serve residential homeowners with clean & efficient renewable solar energy.


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Why Higher Power Solar?

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Ask yourself: How Much Does It Cost for the God-given sun to rise each day?

Now is the time to gain freedom...

$0 Deposit

Just choose one of our solar plans that fit your budget, and start saving money on your electricity bills on day one.

$0 Installation

We’ll custom design and install a solar system that fits your home's unique profile and needs.

Low Electricity Rates

Gain freedom from your utility and receive low predictable rates for years to come.

Roofing & Solar Panel Installation

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Solar Power Saves!

Switching your home to solar power saves you money and helps the environment.  Solar technology has progressed so fast in the last decade that you are actually helping the electrical grid.  

Lowering costs for others, while you save money, and also help save the environment.  Doing what is right and being responsible doesn’t have to cost you.

Do you know the best day to install solar on your house?  The first day you move in.  The next best day, is TODAY!


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